Command The Month @ The Midnight Gate

Command the Month @ The Midnight Gate

Every month is peculiar and unique. So is the gate of every month, a midnight gate by western calendar system. The name of the month, numerical position and ordinal character in the calendar system are very important in advanced spiritual warfare. “My times are in your hands O Lord!” Employ these qualities and characteristics to speak by apostolic decrees to every month and the month shall yield you your portion.

Every month of the western world calendar has spiritual characteristics pointing to a definitely idolatrous background and origin. This is not without consequence when it comes to the battle for the control of time. Some spiritual powers are struggling to be in control of your time. They pretend they have the time dedicated to themselves and can only release it for the use of man in exchange for worship. Command the Month@The Midnight Gate gives you the spiritual tools to take back the control and administration of time that the adversary has arrogated to himself.
Shall we war!!!