WELCOME TO Mountain of Fire, Virginia (MFMVA)

We are glad you choose to come to MFMVA today

Who Are We

We are a Ministry devoted to Apostolic signs and Wonders. Welcome to Deliverance. 

Who are the Pastors

Pastor Anthony and Pastor Nnena Akerele

How can you reach us

Please contact us at worship@mfmvirginia.org


“Welcome to our MFMVA family! We are delighted to have you join us today. Whether you’re here out of curiosity, seeking solace, or simply exploring your faith journey, we extend our warmest greetings to you. At our church, you’re not just a visitor; you’re a cherished member of our community. Feel free to immerse yourself in the warmth of our fellowship, engage in our uplifting worship, and discover the love of God that binds us all together. Thank you for blessing us with your presence, and we hope you find peace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging here with us.”

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